My Front Two Teeth Have Chipped About 3 Times in the 6 Months?

each time my teeth chip my dentist files down the tooth. It has gotten to the point where my teeth are starting to look ridiculous and they have chipped yet again. The dentist says I am grinding my teeth at night but I do not want to have to wear a night guard for the rest of my life. Would two crowns be a good solution and if so how much would 2 crowns cost?

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Bite needs help and adjustment before crowns

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You need to address the root cause of the problem before doing investments in your mouth. You need to find solution to your bite before crowns. It usually needs bite analysis and appropriate treatment which might include but not limited to orthodontics(braces), contouring,crowns,vaneers, mouth guard etc to achieve esthetics and function(healthy and stable teeth).

Try to talk with your dentist and let him/her help you to make appropriate/recommended treatment or referral.

Adnan Saleem Dmd

Frisco Dentist

Chipped Front Teeth Getting Worse and Options for Correction

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It sounds like your bite is possibly off.  If your lower teeth are not occluding properly (constantly hitting your upper teeth), or if you grind your teeth at night, these could be reasons the chipping keeps occurring.  Filing down your teeth lower and lower, is not the answer, and will eventually need to be corrected with crowns, possibly a root canal if they get too close to the nerve, and a bite adjustment.  Sometimes the lower teeth can be equilibrated (adjusted) to accommodate the upper teeth, but sometimes your entire bite will need to be adjusted or opened.  We do this in our office often by raising the entire bite with crowns on the posterior teeth to allow space.  I strongly recommend you go see a dentist that specializes in occlusion and can give you some better options with respect to those front teeth.  A night guard is always a good option too because it will protect your teeth once the work is completed!

Charles Nottingham, DDS, FAGD
Fort Lauderdale Dentist

Chipped front teeth and Possible Solution

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I am not sure why your dentist keeps filing down your teeth everytime they chip. Obviously, your teeth will get shorter and shorter, so this is not the solution. I think crowns are not the solution either since you will wear those down also. Usually when your front teeth continually have chips in them, your bite is off. You need to discuss this with your dentist as well as a night guard so you do not grind your teeth when you sleep. Of course you can have your teeth crowned and they run around a $900 to $1000 depending on what type of crown you choose. But you need to fix your bite. I think once this is taken care of, some bonding and reconturing of your teeth may work before you try to crown them.

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

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Front 2 Teeth Chipping 3 Times in 6 Months

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It definitely sounds like you have a problem with your occlusion (the way your upper and lower teeth bite into eachother).  Seek out a dentist that is experienced in occlusion. Also, start accepting the fact that you might have to wear a nightguard.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

My Front Two Teeth Have Chipped About 3 Times in the 6 Months?

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Frequent chipping is a sign that the match or fit of your bite is longer very accurate. The pressure is winding up places that it's undesirable and causing the chipping.

At this point I don't recommend just filing them down anymore, The cycle will just keep getting worse.

You could have two crowns for your front teeth, and that would help address strengthening the teeth, but I would spend some time assessing your bite and making that more stable, BEFORE doing the crowns.

I recommend seeing an experienced cosmetic dentist to get a great looking result AND make sure your bite works optimally.

There must be a reason

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There could be several factors. If there is not enough enamel, then you are really not accomplishing anything by rebonding them again and again. If that is the case veneers maybe a better option. The kind of composite (bonding material) makes a difference. I would ask your dentist to use something with nanofillers which are significantly stronger. I would have the bite adjusted in extreme ranges of motion to make sure there is no interference. Hope this helps.

Aria Irvani, DDS
Irvine Dentist

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