Is It Normal to Put Bonding at the Top of Some of the All Porcelain Crowns?

I had two all porcelain bridges done to my front teeth and the dentist then put bonding at the top of some of the crowns. I can actually feel a line where the bonding begins with my fingernail. I've always had metal crowns, so I don't know if this is normal or he did this because the bridge did not fit well, so he filled in with bonding. Thanks.

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Porcelain Crown Margins Should Be Smooth

All porcelain crowns are bonded to your tooth using a resin cement.  Once these crowns are bonded the margins should be very smooth and virtually undetectable.  If you are feeling something there it may simply be excess cement that needs polishing.  Hope this helps. 

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Adding bonding to the margin is not usual.


 We use the bonding type cement to connect the porcelain crown to the actual tooth. It looks like there is a gum recession which effects the cosmetic appearance of the crowns. The crown ,metal base or full porcelain chould cover the whle tooth and fit the margin.

Bruce Vafa, DDS
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Is It Normal to Put Bonding at the Top of Some of the All Porcelain Crowns?

All porcelain crowns can look amazing! Typically they are "bonded" into place, as opposed to "cementing" the older style (metal) crowns.

The inside surfaces of your front teeth are supremely noticeable. What I mean is that your tongue spends a lot of time on those surfaces. It takes even the smallest minute irregularity to feel like a giant line or worse.

I suspect that you ought to have some additional polishing or finishing done to the edges (the "margins").  Before you get too concerned it may be easily repolished.

I have found that after more than twenty years of making veneers and all-ceramic crowns, that the final results that create happiness depend upon how great they look AND how smooth and natural they feel. 

Call your dentist and tell him you feel the line and that you think you need some more polishing there-it will probably turn out fine!

It is not normal to put bondings on top of new crowns.

I do not know why your dentist would put bonding on top of new porcelain crowns. This not the norm. Maybe he has a good reason. You should ask him.

The only time I have done this, is when a patient has an old existing  crown or bridge that has developed an opening or cavity and the patient does not want to replace the whole thing. Then a "patch" can be done with bonding but only in certain cases. Also, if an old crown has gum recession and you can see the "line"  of the crown, sometimes this can be improved. but if a new one needs this, then it was not done right to begin with.

Good luck

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Bonding On Top of All Porcelain Crowns

Typically, bonding is NOT necessary on top of the crowns. There might have been a "gap" at the margin that he was filling in, or some other esthetic reason for it. All these issues are usually worked out IN ADVANCE by a true cosmetic dentist working with a high-quality cosmetic Dental Lab Technician. Ask the dentist for a reason for the bonding. You have a right to know.

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