How Do I Get Rid of the Odor from the Gap Between the Ceramic Caps and the Gum Line?

I've had two root canals (top left molars) along with ceramic caps fitted. I've been experiencing sever halitosis from this region. Every time I floss this area, the floss smells horrible. This happens even after I've flossed, brushed and rinsed my mouth with various mouthwashes. I've been to two other dentists who've both said that nothing is wrong. One suggested using something called "Micro-floss". I need to desperately get rid of this problem as I'm starting my new job in two week's time.

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If you already had Xrays done and your dentist says the crowns are well cemented then the bad odor should not exist. I recommend mouthwash and waterpick (water floss) just after the floss, brush and mouthwash, once a day at nights. the waterfloss makes a big difference.

Open contact may be

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The odor comes from food getting caught between teeth.  May be you have an open contact thats when teeth don't touch or floss goes in freely. I would either change crowns if that's the case or at least see your dentist 





Rimma Chertog, DDS
Freehold Dentist

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