Age 50 and My Front Tooth is Loose. What Do I Do?

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Loose tooth? A definite problem.

It will probably need to be removed. Gum disease is the most likely culprit. Lack of healthy bone will make it loose and you will need a implant and crown to fix it.

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Need to know WHY

What to DO depends on WHY.  Is it from bone loss?  From a bad bite?  Recent trauma?  After that is established, the "what to do" phase is next.  It may be a simple solution, it may be complex.


So, what to do?  See your dentist or periodontist ASAP.

Age 50 with Front Loose Tooth

Why is the tooth loose? Trauma, periodontal disease, or malocclusion (poor bite relationship between upper and lower teeth). Depending on the answer, I can provide further advice,

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