Age 50 and My Front Tooth is Loose. What Do I Do?

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Loose tooth? A definite problem.

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It will probably need to be removed. Gum disease is the most likely culprit. Lack of healthy bone will make it loose and you will need a implant and crown to fix it.

Los Angeles Dentist

Need to know WHY

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What to DO depends on WHY.  Is it from bone loss?  From a bad bite?  Recent trauma?  After that is established, the "what to do" phase is next.  It may be a simple solution, it may be complex.


So, what to do?  See your dentist or periodontist ASAP.

Age 50 with Front Loose Tooth

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Why is the tooth loose? Trauma, periodontal disease, or malocclusion (poor bite relationship between upper and lower teeth). Depending on the answer, I can provide further advice,

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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