Should I Expect a Discount to Replace a Broken Veneer Done Only a Year Ago?

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Discount for broken veneer?

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Unless it was something that you specifcially did to break the veneer, it is reasonable to expect not to pay full fee to replace a broken veneer done a year ago.  I am not familiar witht the specific details of your treatment, so this is a generalization.  There may be more to your story.  In my office unless the patient did something to break the veneer, I just replace it.  If they broke it themselves even by accident, I still usually reduce the fee for work done that recently.  There are a lot of other factors including quality of the lab used, initial fees, experience of the dentist, etc....

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Discount rate to replace broken veneer done last year

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In my office I do offer a warranty for five years on veneers as long as they maintain their oral hygiene in my office and they do not cause the damage themselves such as biting on a pencil or something like that.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Should I Expect a Discount to Replace a One Year Old Broken Veneer

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Every dentist is free to warranty their work as they see fit.  Porcelain can fracture on occasion.  In our office we usually will replace failed restorations for up to 5 years at no charge if patient has followed regular checkups and any protective measures such as wearing a nightguard if a night time grinding habit is present.

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Discount for Broken 1 Year old Veneer

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The problem might have been that you received a "discount fee" to begin with, and did not see a very well trained and experienced cosmetic dentist that uses an excellent American laboratory, and is well educated in occlusion (the way your upper and lower teeth meet each other). remember, don't expect "bargains" if you are expecting excellent results. That being said, you should discuss this with your dentist. In my office, if a veneer that I thought should work fails after 1 year, I would give a substantial credit towards having it replaced.


Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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