Can a Veneer Be Straightened After It Was Installed off Line?

i am in the latter stages of getting my entire mouth done with veneers and implants.. it was not all cosmetic as I had very bad teeth/infections etc... but i opted for veneers and as we all know they are not cheap. i had the three quarters of the final "permanent" top row put in yesterday.. when i was done and leaving his office i looked in mirror and one of the front two teeth is slightly crooked. I am not vain, but i paid a lot and went through a lot of pain..

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Yes, especially with Invisalign

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A tooth with a veneer attached can absolutely be moved and straightened using Invisalign. Since a veneer is just a cover on an existing tooth, it will be moved in conjunction with the actual tooth, no more or no less.

New York Orthodontist

Straightening a veneer after cementation

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Discuss your concern with your dentist.  Generally a veneer will need to be replaced if there is an error in the placement.  Your dentist will be able to address your concern and if warranted may replace the veneer.

Carlo Biasucci, DDS
Ontario Dentist

Can a veneer be straightened after it was bonded

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Once a veneer is bonded into place it is difficult to make those type of changes.  It usually requires removal of the veneer and having a new veneer be fabricated.  Talk to your dentist about your concerns and see what they are able to do to address your concerns.  

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Can a Porcelain Veneer Be Straightened After It Was Installed off Line?

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Can it be straightened after it's cemented on? To some degree, yes. Even after trying in the veneers, there are some nuances that don't show up until everything is cemented into place. Sometimes it doesn't really show up until the numbness goes away and you can finally move your face around again normally.

Ask for a follow-up appointment-don't panic yet. Let your cosmetic dentist see what you see. Sometimes there is a very simple touch up that is fast and easy and can make all of the difference in the final look.

Occasionally, there is something that just can't be fixed after the fact. In some rare situations the veneer has to be removed and remade. It's really far too premature to know if you would need something as involved as that.

You have gone through a LOT of care, at the end you really ought to love your new smile. I would imagine that your dentist will want you to feel that way too and want to help touch up what you see to make it awesome!

Bonding veneers in sections can lead to crooked results

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I always insist on seating all the veneers at the same time, as this helps avoid getting things put on crookedly.  If your entire upper arch is being restored, the entire arch is best completed at the same time.  Seating 3/4 of the top row likely lead to this.


Many times, a crooked veneer is only slightly off and is easily polished/contoured to look perfect.  If they require a LOT of contouring, then complete removal and replacement is needed.

Fixing a "crooked" veneer

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It depends on whether the veneer was actually bonded to the tooth crooked (which would be very unusual) or if it was made crooked by the lab.  Normally the dentist should let you preview the veneers on your teeth before bonding them on.  If you got to see them and they looked fine before bonding but looked crooked after, then it was bonded on crooked, otherwise the lab probably made it that way.  In either case, it may need to be remade depending on how badly crooked it is.  If it's only the edges, sometimes it can be adjusted without having to redo it.  Talk it over with your dentist.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist

Veneers Installed Off Line

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When I do Porcelain Veneers, I always allow the patient to preview the Veneers on their teeth before I permanently bond them in. At that point, if there are any problems or changes to be made, they can easily be altered. I always ask for my patient's final approval BEFORE permanently bonding. Once the veneers are permanently placed, it is extremely difficult to change anything. Discuss the issue with your dentist, and see what he says. If it is truly only 1 tooth that is crooked, he might be able to remove that one and have it remade.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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