My Front Teeth Look Like Bunny Teeth, What Can I Do?

i have the two front theeth tall and my jaw is small , what should i do?i need something not expensive if there is.

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How To Fix My Bunny Teeth?

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You did not include a photo of your teeth, so I'm assuming your teeth are longer and stick out more than your adjacent teeth?

If that is the case, orthodontics, either braces or Invisalign could be the first choice in treatments because there are also usually concerns with other teeth as well.  If they are just a bit too long, then they can be shortened by drilling some of the enamel off the edge of the teeth (called enameloplasty).  That is a relatively inexpensive procedure and most often does not hurt or require any novocain (local anesthetic).

Laguna Niguel Dentist


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The easiest and least invasive procedure,  provided that you are a candidate is enameloplasty or reshaping of the teeth.

Aria Irvani, DDS
Irvine Dentist

My Front Teeth Look Like Bunny Teeth, What Can I Do?

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I would have to see a photo before giving you an answer.  See your dentist and talk to him about it..

Murray Bruckel, DDS
Norwalk Dentist

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