Do Cosmetic Teeth Smell and Taste Like Metal ?

I had the replacement of ( upper whole set )teeth with (metal ) cosmetic 5years ago. Now,I hv very minimal leakage from gums where it is attached and when i rub them , it smells like feaces. I brush my teeth 3 /4 times a day with flush as well. The smell doesnt go even after brushing. I have the bad breathe but barely notoceable by other people. The metallic taste is always there. And sometime, my gums are very itchiy. Is it because there is an infection ? But i hvnt got any pain.

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Cosmetic teeth

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yes, this can happen, if there is a leackeage in those crowns, 

could be the crowns, or could be a gum pocket, also, gums, can present sometimes recession, and this can cause food to be trapped, also,with an x-ray we can surely know what is happening there, and i think your solution its not too dificult,


Metal Smell and Taste After Porcelain-fused-to-metal Crowns

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The first thing I would suspect is leakage around the crowns.  This can often be seen quite easily with x-rays, but sometimes a dentist can put his explorer (instrument that detects decay and openings around dental restorations) into the opening.  If that's the case, the restorations will have to be redone.

The metal underneath the crowns may be the source of the metallic taste.  The irritation may actually be a low grade allergy to the metal (as you probably know, some people are even allergic to jewelery). 

If your crowns need to be replaced I suggest asking for all-ceramic non-metal based crowns.  They are highly bio-compatible and also much more natural looking than  porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.  My favorite porcelain for front crowns is EMax porcelain.

Bottom line, see your dentist and have him carefully evaluate your five year old dentistry.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

Possible gum infection

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sounds like you need to see a dental professional. Often gum infection does not involve pain. There are tests that can be done to check if you have gum or bone infection. There also are crowns that do not have metal in them that you could consider. good luck!

Bernice Szafarek, DMD
Hartford Dentist

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