Why Are my Eyes Shaped Like This? Abnormal (photo)

My eyes are weird and I have been wondering what is wrong and have been searching google but still can't find answers. My eye (my right eye, your left, viewing the picture) is shaped very oddly. The outer portion goes upward and the inner part curves down all weird. It's been like this for a long time. What on earth is wrong, is there a name for this and how can it be fixed? I am a 22 yr old female.

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Very mild asymmetry

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Let me start off by saying that most of us have facial asymmetry. So you are the norm rather than the exception. Secondly your eyelids are quite youthful an attractive, and I would not recommend ANY surgery as whatever surgery that you do will likely leave you looking less natural than you do now.

As a matter of explanation however, what you have is a slight asymmetry between your right bony orbit [eye socket] and your left one. Your right socket is positioned slightly higher, which means the soft tissue will follow the underlying bony anatomy. So your right eyebrow is slightly higher, and the attachment of your eyelids to the bone are slightly higher on the right side.

Honestly, there is really no good way to change this, and because it is so subtle, you [and some of us experts on this panel] are likely the only one that really appreciates this asymmetry.

Be appreciative of the attractive shape of your eyes, and do not perseverate on this mild asymmetry.

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Why Are my Eyes Shaped Like This? Abnormal

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     I do not think that you would benefit from surgery at this time, and I think that your eye shape, though different left vs right, is not unattractive.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Slight eyelid asymmetries are not worthy of surgical correction.

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I'm not sure I agree with your assessment from the photograph. The eyes are attractive and youthful looking. Any asymmetries are minor and I would strongly urge you not to seek surgical correction.

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