Hollow Eye at 25 Age , Because of Dehydration and Stress, Right Eye More Sunken Than Left One?

i am 25 year old female, i have developed sunken eyes with prominent tear through , from past 3- 4 years, maybe because of dehydration, fat loss...my right eyes is deeply sunken then left one..i always look tired and sad..what could be cosmetic procedure to treat this problem and is it possible to that my eyes would come out (like before) permanently ..should i consult a oculoplastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon ?? pls help

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Sunken eyes

You should see an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation of why your eyes sunken (they are orbital and sinus conditions that can do that, enophthalmos). Assuming there is no specific condition, then you can consider treatment options which include fillers and fat and possible surgery.

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Periocular hollowness/pigmentation

The photo is helpful, but an in-person evaluation is more valuable. In general, there are three reasons why the skin around the eyes can be [or seem] darker:

1. The thin eyelid skin allows the darker muscle underneath to show

2. The hollowness around the eyes can create a shadow effect that exacerbates darkness

3. Skin pigmentation [sometimes from blood products from bruising]  If it is blood    product pigmentation, it could last months to improve.

Depending on which of the above is the issue, different modalities may be helpful [time, fillers, laser resurfacing, concealer etc].

In your case, the darkness is a combination of 2 and 3 [hollowness and pigmentation]. The pigmentation is common in people of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent and is very difficult to address. Skin lightening creams may be an option, but I would discuss that with a dermatologist.

The hollowness can be improved with fillers or fat injection. If you decide to explore this further, I would recommend consultation with an ASOPRS trained Oculoplastics surgeon, or an experienced facial plastic or dermatologist. You can find an Oculoplastics surgeon close to you on the ASOPRS dot org website.

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Sunken eyes

You have a lot of hollowing in your under eye area and upper cheeks, which is very common in patients of south asian or middle eastern decent. I would recommend Restylane injections to help add volume to this area. See an oculoplastic surgeon, plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is experienced in filler injections to the lower eyelids.

Even with this treatment you will still have some darkness in the under eye area. The bone under your eyebrows is prominent relative to the position of the eyes. This will tend to cast a shadow on the lower eyelids in settings with overhead lighting. Nonetheless, I think filler injections will help. Best of luck.

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Hollowness around the eyes

The best cosmetic procedure to treat this problem would be the use of facial fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm. It is most important that you find a doctor who has extensive experience treating the area around the eyes. An oculoplastic surgeon would be your best choice, if they have a lot of experience doing facial injectables. Some oculoplastic surgeons do and others do not. Experience to treat this area is extremely important since the skin is thin and in a delicate area. Nodules or other complications can be common if the doctor is not experienced at these type of injections.

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Hollow Eye at 25 Age , Because of Dehydration and Stress, Right Eye More Sunken Than Left One?

    I would recommend a brow lift or Botox to lift the brow as your brow position is barely at the supraorbital rim.  This will open the eye a great deal.  In addition, you may want to consider facial fat grafting or filler to the tear troughs.  You need to find a surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs eyelid and periorbital procedures hundreds of times each year.  Look at the surgeon's website to determine who can take you to your goals.  Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Eyelid color

there are a number of factors which control the appearance of your eyelids. First is your bene structure. Remember, it is normal for each side to be different. Second, the pigment may be due to genetics, blood vessels under the skin, and the color of your muscle.In my past, I have not suggested that a patient will change their pigment with surgery. go ahead and get a consult and professional opinion. All the best

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Under eye hollows

A filler would be your best option to smoothen the transition from your lower eyelid to your cheek. Filler options include temporary HA fillers such as juvederm or boletero or autologous fat transfer. Plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons and dermatologists are all familiar with this procedure, find a physician with experience in this area. 

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