Had ears pinned almost 6 years ago and I really want my cartilage pierced. Will it affect the surgery?

Will it affect the surgery? Or cause any problems?

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Ear cartilage piercing after otoplasty

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Your ear pinning also called otoplasty is healed.
The ear cartilage piercing should not affect it
I do not advice these piercings however because they can damage the cartilage which provides the shape and support of the outer ear. Best wishes.

Ear piercing after ear pinning (otoplasty)

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Ear pinning surgery or otoplasty is usually done, at least partially, with sutures that hold the ear in proper position until it has scarred into place.  After several months, the ear is held in its new shape through your body's own scar tissue.  Having the ear pierced after a year or so probably will not likely cause any issues with the ear protruding again.

P. Daniel Ward, MD
Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Had ears pinned almost 6 years ago and I really want my cartilage pierced. Will it affect the surgery?

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Hello Chloe12345.You have to ask the surgeon that performed the otoplasty whether he used absorbable or non-absorbable threads. If they were absorbable threads, you can go ahead with the piercing, as the threads would’ve long since dissolved in the meantime. If, on the other hand, non-absorbable threads were used, as is often the case today with the traditional otoplasties and generally with the stitch method, then it depends on where the threads lie in the ear. If the piercing is made at a place in the ear where the threads are, then the threads can be damaged and the ear can protrude again at this place. If the piercing is going to be made in the earlobe and this wasn’t pinned, then it doesn’t matter what threads were used and what method the ear was pinned with, because there wouldn’t be any threads in the earlobe at all.

Waldemar Merck, MD
Germany Plastic Surgeon

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