How Do I Get my Cosmetic Dentist to Give Me the Very Whitest Shade for my Porcelain Crowns?

How Do I Get my Cosmetic Dentist to Give Me the Very Whitest Shade for my Porcelain Crowns? What is the Very Whitest Shade That I can get?

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Lightest possible color for veneers

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You are looking for what I refer to as "Kohler White" or toilet bowl white.  I talked one patient out of a color and it was an absolute nightmare.  I will never talk another patient out of a color request.  You are paying for a cosmetic service, you should get what you want.  Just ask the dentist.  Good luck....

What to do when you want "toilet bowl" white teeth?

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The whitest shade of porcelain in in the bleached teeth shade range and depending on the shade guide can either be 010 or 0M1. I call this shade "toilet bowl" white. If you want "used car salesman" or "Joe Biden" fake look, this is it. Then again, you may also spend a lot of time in tanning beds.. Okay I'm joking but it you want very white, make sure you take the shade tab and look at it under different lights. Remember, porcelain veneers have a natural fluorescence which always makes them look whiter in photographs as well.

Whitest Possible Shade for Porcelain Veneers

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You should have a comfortable enough relationship with your cosmetic dentist to discuss the shade desired openly. You will probably be sorry if you insist on the whitest possible shade. IT WILL LOOK FAKE! But if that's what you want, go for it. Just be aware there is no  changing your mind once they're inserted, without going through the whole process again, and paying all over again!

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

How Can I Get the Whitest Shade for my Temporaries

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The patient should have the final decision as to the shade.  Some dentists do not like the ultra white shades as they feel they do not look natural.  Be sure you are convinced you want a super white shade.  We always recommend trying that shade in the temporaries so you get a chance to get used to it and get feedback from other people before putting in the final restorations.

Just ask

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Since you are paying for it, you can get what you want.  However, super white often leads to "buyers remorse" and would cost full fee to replace (in my office).  You may need to sign a form stating informed consent.


The whitest possible depends on the brand of porcelain used.  Toilet bowl white in the Ivoclar brand would be 010

OM1 OM2 are the whitest shades used in porcelain

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Have your dentist show you these shades and remember that porcelain does not darken with time so your choice is an important one.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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