Should Have my Dentist Cut my Papillae Completely out when She Installed Two Crowns Side by Side? Left with Large Gap? (photo)

The dentist said my papillae will grow back is this true? the crowns were cemented with no contact between them causing food trapping between teeth,the one cap was replaced now I have an even larger gap and the dentist says its ok the way it is,I know its not correct,the dentist says the papillae will grow back and fill gap? I dont believe her,can someone please view photo and tell me what I can do,or who to complain too besides the dentist?

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Missing Papillae Between Two New Porcelain Crowns

That is a rather large area of papillae missing between those two crowns.  I am almost certain that you will not see complete regrowth of papillae in that area.  It is just too large at this point.  The odds are that you have probably had some bone loss in that area as well contributing to the loss of gum tissue.  These are difficult situations to keep clean, but you will have to floss routinely and use what is called a "proxy brush."  Your dentist should have these in his/her office.  Unfortuanatley, this problem will only get worse if you do not keep that area immaculately clean.  Hope this helps.

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Time Will Tell

If your food impaction problem caused bone loss between your teeth, the soft tissue will most probably not fill that space.  The basic formula for areas such as yours is that if the distance from the bone to the contact point is 5mm or less, expect it to fill.  Anything beyond that, expect varying degrees of fill but not complete fill.

Hope this resolves for you!

Gary Nack, DDS
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Missing Gums

The papillae will grow back if your gums are healthy meaning you do not have gum disease or periodontal disease.  The crowns must have good margins and contact for this to happen.  It may take up to one year to grow back fully.  Floss the area but not aggressively and use a good alcohol free rinse like Closys twice daily to aid the process.

Good luck!

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