My Crown with Post Fell out - Bleeding out of Root, is the Tooth Fractured?

Now all I have left is a round hole which I'm guessing is my tooth? There is slight bleeding and the tooth had a RT about 6 years ago.

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Post and crown broken

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If there is the bleeding from the root after post and core with crown fell off, most likely there is a fracture. Usually these situations require extraction of the root, and later replacement with implant supported restoration or a bridge. 

Broken Post and Crown Usually Requires Extraction

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Typically when a dental post and crown comes out together the chances of saving the tooth are minimal.  All that is left of your tooth is the root and the odds are that it is decayed or weak.  The ideal treatment will probably be to extract the remaining root and place a titanium dental implant (artificial tooth root).  After 4-6 months of healing a dental crown can be attached and it will be virtually undetectable.  Good luck.

Fractured tooth, root canal, post, etc

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It is difficult to know if the tooth is fractured from the information that you have provided us with.  It does sound like the tooth has problems and may need to be extracted. 

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Fractured tooth. root canal. crown.

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Dear Mila: Unfortunately, you are correct. What is left in the gum is the remainder of your root. The bleeding can be from a fractured root, or just the irritated gum tissues. You must go and see a dentist as soon as possible. The tooth might be saved with a new post core and crown restoration, or you might have to have it extracted and replaced with an implant. Either way, you must go see a dentist for a proper diagnosis.

Fractured teeth need more information

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This is very difficult to answer without more information from a dental exam. X-ray is needed along with a physical examination of the area.  Sometimes the gums around the crown can be very inflamed causing some of the bleeding.  There is a chance that the root is fractured too. But it is difficult to make that diagnosis without more info.  Also I find that most crowns and post come out for a reason and probably 9 out of 10 has to do with recurrent decay around the crown.  

Justin Marostica, DMD
Portland Dentist

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