I Have a Tingly, Cold, Slightly Cavity Type Sensation Under my Crown?

The tooth does not hurt but it does bother me that the sensation is constant.The sensation is similar to having a cavity and eating sweets but it is waaay milder.I had x-rays taken and they do not show anything.Neither does the actual tooth under the crown.(I have a temp).The crown was loose at some point over the years but I had a dentist put it back in.Any idea what this might be?Should I ask the dentist to remove post so I can have an endo take a look with a microscope?Will it solve the prob?

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Cold sensation under crown

You have stated that the tooth had a post and crown already.  If that is the case there is no way the tooth can be sensitive to cold.  I would check to make sure that it is not an adjacent tooth that is the problem. 

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Tingly Cold Cavity Type Sensation Under a Crown

You mention that the tooth has endo and a post. A tooth without a nerve should not have any sensation to cold. There might be an additional nerve canal in the tooth that was not treated, or the sensation might be coming from the adjacent tooth. It is usually very difficult to remove a permanent post from a tooth without risking fracture of the tooth. I would seek another opinion from the endodontist BEFORE removing the post.

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