My crowns are about 5years old the dentist says that they need to be replaced?

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5-year Old Crowns. Do They Need to be Replaced

Age of crowns is NOT the determining factor. If they are healthy, functioning well, and you like their esthetics, then age alone is NOT a reason to replace them. Your dentist might be "insurance-driven", meaning that dental insurance plans will generally approve replacement of a crown after 5 years.

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My crowns are about 5years old the dentist says that they need to be replaced?

Why did your dentist recommend that? One just doesn't replace crowns every five years. Many crowns last a lifetime, whereas many dental insurance companies will pay for crown replacement after they are five years old.

Reasons why your dentist probably recommended they be replaced include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

1) decay or caries around the margin on on the roots 2) recession of the gums 3) unesthetic crowns (most often brought up by the patient, "I don't like this crown, it's ugly and doesn't match the rest of my teeth, or doesn't look natural, or is too dark 4) poor occlusion, hitting to hard or not enough against the opposite tooth 5) movement or drifting of the tooth opening up a space between the teeth 6) fractured porcelain

I suggest you return to your dentist and ask specifically his reasons. If you're not satisfied with his explanation, then seek a couple other opinions from reputable dentists in your community.

Norman Huefner, DDS
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Dentist Says My Crowns Need to be replaced

Hi Beth....the only reason you would want those crowns to be replaced with new

ones is because YOU do not like the way they look anymore or the dentist has found

decay or diagnosed another problem. Age of crown does not determine replacement!

Please get a second opinion!

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