New crown first then root canal?

My endodontist said I need work on two teeth: re-treat a root canal and replace the crown on tooth #31 and get a new root canal and replace the crown on tooth #5. For both teeth, he wants me to take the old crown off, then clear the cavities and then put a new crown on. He said to then come back and he will drill a hole into the new crowns and do the root canal treatment through the crowns. Does this make sense? Why would he want to do it this way? What order is it normally done in?

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New crown first then root canal?

I suggest calling your endodontist and ask for further clarification as to what he is advising and the order in which he is suggesting. My guess is that you misunderstood and/or he miscommunicated.

Almost always, the root canal will be done prior to placing a new crown. However, he may be suggesting "a temporary" crown before he does the root canal. That makes sense.

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Which Come First...Crown or Root Canal?

Hi Mike...I think there is some miscommunication between the doctor and patient. I think what the doctor is trying to say is he will take off the old crowns and do the retreat and the new root canal and place temporaries on them until the new crowns are made. He will not drill holes in the new crowns to do the root canals.

New crown first then root canal?

Remove old crowns and have temporary crowns put on after removal of decay. Have root canal done BEFORE making permanent crowns. When root canal is complete, then have the permanents made.

Murray Bruckel, DDS
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Get Temps

Most of the time, the root canal is done first, then the crown is redone. This prevents you from drilling thru a new crown that will posibly lead to porcelain fracture or micro leakage in the future. I'm not sure why your endodontist would want to do it like this. He is correct in wanting the old crowns out and the decay removed. But if he wants it done prior to the root canal, your dentist can put you in a temporary crown that your endodontist can remove to complete your root canal. This would allow him better access and would avoid senseless destruction of your new crown.

Bradley Matthew, DDS
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RCT through a temporary crown?

Typical root canal therapy is best done if the tooth is free of decay and has a temporary crown in place. I would confirm that the dentist (endodontist) was referring to a temporary crown and not a permanent crown.

Anthony Montella, DDS
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