Is my Crooked Nose a Result of a Broken Nose? How Bad is It? I Have a Slight Deviated Septum from It. (photo)

Not until just about 6-8 months ago did I really notice how crooked my nose was. When I look at pictures of me as a child (I'm 22 years old) my nose looks perfectly straight. Now when I look at pictures I can see a crooked nose from about the last 6 years. How bad of a crooked nose would this be considered and is it repairable? Also is this a result of a break because I can't really recall an instance where I may have. What procedure should I seek to have it straightened? Cosmetic purpose wise.

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Is my crooked nose the result of a broken nose?

It is difficult to tell exactly what may have caused the crooked appearance of your nose. A rhinoplasty can help. In general, it is not always possible to get the nose 100% straight, but great improvements can be made. I would recommend seeking the advice of a board certified rhinoplasty specialist. He/she will be able to examine your nose in person and provide you with advice. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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A rhinoplasty can help

Thank you for your question!

It seems that you can benefit from a corrective rhinoplasty but without a physical examination it is not possible to provide you with additional details.

The finest cosmetic results in any particular case are based on a variety of factors, including: the unique anatomy of the patient, realistic expectations, a well-informed and detailed discussion with your plastic surgeon concerning the best options for you especially covering a deep understanding of the pros and cons of any given choice you will adopt.

Please keep in mind that following the advice from a surgeon online who offers to tell you what to do without a physical examination covering the nature and the status of the tissue, assessing your desired outcome, taking a full medical history, and discussing the pros and cons of each operative solution would not be in your best interest. With that in mind, it is the safest and for your best interest to find a plastic surgeon with solid experience and certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who is ideally a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that you will trust and be comfortable with. You should discuss your concerns with that surgeon in person.

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Crooked nose can be corrected by a rhinoplasty.

Is possible the trauma created the irregularity in your nose. This can be corrected with a rhinoplasty. Internal airway work can be done concurrently.

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Is my Crooked Nose a Result of a Broken Nose? How Bad is It? I Have a Slight Deviated Septum from It.

 Trauma to the nose certainly can fracture the nasal bones and bend the nasal cartilages creating the classic "C-shaped deformity" shown in the photos provided.  The septum is often deviated as well in these situations.  Rhinoplasty with Septoplasty would address these issues.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Crooked Nose with Deviated Septum

In another post you said that your broke your nose. You can improve the appearance and breathing obstruction with rhinoplasty surgery Find an experienced surgeon - a crooked nose is difficult to straighten.

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Is my Crooked Nose a Result of a Broken Nose? How Bad is It? I Have a Slight Deviated Septum from It.

Yes your deviated nasal appearance can be correct via a septa-rhinoplasty surgery. Best to SEEK IN PERSON evaluations!/// 

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Crooked nose

Yes, I see the deformity in several pictures. Of course an exam in person is essential but it does look like you can benefit from corrective surgery.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Crooked nose

The nose undergoes many instances of minor trauma over the years this sometimes leads to damage of the septal cartilage.  These small microtraumas can be cumulative and result in a curved septum.  Some times a curved or twisted septum is just the way you developed.  In any event you can be evaluated and this problem can be corrected and your nose can be made straighter.  

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Crooked nose

Your nose is definitely crooked. You will probably never know if there was any specific cause or event. A septorhinoplasty can improve you significantly. Be sure to find a surgeon with experience and comfort  with deviated crooked noses as their correction is more challenging then routine rhinoplasties and not all surgeons are comfortable or skilled doing them.

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Crooked nose without trauma

It is not uncommon to develop a crooked nose, usually during early adolescence, without a specific trauma.  It occurs as your face grows and matures, and reflects underlying asymmetries of your septum and face. We have quite a series of these noses, and interestingly enough the concavity is much more often on the right than on the left.

As noted by other responses, you need an experienced facial plastic surgeon who does a lot of noses, to ensure the best result.

Douglas J. Kibblewhite, MD
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