How Can I Get my Chin Skinnier Instead of Round? (photo)

hi! i am a 16 year old girl and i have no rinckels or sagginess so thats not the problem i want to disscus.i want to talk about my chin.i have a normal chin not too big not too small.i just dont like the shape of it.dont get me wrong i dont have any diformation its just that my chin is kinda round because of the skin around it.i want it to be skinny and when it looks more skinny it will also look more pointy.can someone help?oh and i have a tiny scar on the butom of my chin will it be a problem?

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Improvement in Round Chin

Your chin appears weak; therefore I suggest you have a chin implant which will change the contour of your chin and increase your chin projection.

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Chin implant

No surgery can be planned without an in-person exam.  However, the are a variety of chin implants and procedures to elongate and narrow a chin.  Select a board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon to consult.


Good luck

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