what kind of facial surgery should i look into?

 ive had braces for a good couple of years and that had fixed my teeth and my bite functions fine.. i've been told my bite and teeth function fine by a consultant... heres the problem... braces kind of changed my face shape and i dont like it... i have problems with my jaws now.. tmj (jaws clicking, face muscles hurt etc), i have sleep apnoea. i have trouble breathing sometimes when i sleep, and i get lots of headaches.. ive been told i have myofacial pain. so i want cosmetic surgery but dont know what to go for... what i think is i have weak lower jaw, jutting chin (chin too far forward), the upper jaw grew too much, receding lower jaw... ive gone to blogs and been told a genio is all i would need tog et the result i want, but im not sure if thats enough i want to go all the way... so should i look into extensive jaw surgery upper/lower/both , rhinoplasty, genioplasty.. .. i want wider upper jaw for higher cheekbones , and i show teeth more when smiling, more balanced profile, a thinner nose.. thx

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Photographic Analysis for Facial Treatment Planning

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When considering options in structural facial surgery, it is important to have views from different angles of the face. While your profile view demonstrates the potential benefit of chin augmentation, this one view is not enough to provide much more information. I would recommend that you submit additional facial views for a more complete analysis. The benefits of rhinoplasty and cheek augmentation may be present but there is not enough photographic information to comment. By the way, upper jaw surgery will not change your cheek bones, that requires implant augmentation.

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