Who Wants to Do my Brazilian Butt-lift for Free? :)

Who Wants to Do my Brazilian Butt-lift for Free? :)

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Please be respectful

Sites like this one are designed to allow sincere people the opportunity to conveniently and anonymously communicate with educated professionals about their plastic surgery options.

Your question is fundamentally disrespectful to the physicians who donate their time here to help those sincere people.

Free Brazilian butt lift

Yes, close your eyes and dream. This will be the closest you will get to a free Brazilian butt lift. When you wake up, call me. 

You must be kidding?

Why would you ask such a silly question as to whether there is a doctor who wants to spend several thousand of their own dollars in equipment, staff salaries, insurance, anesthesia etc to do a "free" operation for you?????

Free butt lift

I thought the keep dreaming response was quite funny  but I most agreed with the don't waste our time response.  I only answer a few questions every couple of weeks, this one wasted one of those.




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