Exactly What Kinds of Food Should I Eat to Gain Weight for my Brazilian Butt Lift?

I weight 123lbs and have a 19.7BMI. What exacting should I eat to gain approximately 10-15lbs. I live in NJ and I've been researching doctors and unfortunately my two favor picks are in Miami and Beverly Hills, so I'd like to gain the weight before I travel the distance for my consultation rather than make multiple trips.

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Brazilian butt lift and pre op weight gain

 Preop weight gain is not something that I recommend to my patients.

The Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction fat injection. Liposuction is not a weight  changing procedure. Most of my patients even with a large liposuction will not change your weight more than 4 or 5 pounds after surgery. The reason why weight gain does not work is because fat cells do not replicate. When you gain weight each fat cell gets larger but you don't make more fat cells. So if you gain weight before the surgery and then you transfer 100 big fat cells to the buttocks when you lose weight after surgery those same 100 cells will shrink to the size they would've been if you did not gain weight prior surgery so your buttocks be the same size it would have been anyway. The other problem is your results will not look as good because you because of the weight changing. In my hands my best results take place in a patient group whose preop weight and postop weight is the same, so I know that what I do with the liposuction will be a consistent result. Last point has it's not healthy to gain weight.

I've done several fat injections in thin patients and I get good results with an improvement in the shape of the buttocks and an improvement in the hourglass figure. You do not need to gain weight in order to have benefits from a Brazilian butt lift.

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That is an infrequent question


Weight gain or weight loss really starts with the mathematical equation of net calories.  That is, the more calories you eat compared to the calories that you burn the more weight you will gain.  There are "mass builder" protein formulas at your regular health food store that contain 2000+ calories per shake.  Try to eat as healthy of a diet as you can, however, low in processed food, saturated fats, etc.  Sometimes eating right before bed time will also tend to help you gain weight.

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Weight gain recommendations

Hi there-

There are many good options available at GNC or Whole Foods. Ask for assistance in finding a "weight gain shake"

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