I Had a Buttock Fat Transfer Infection That Was Treated. Now I Feel Another Bump

I had a buttock fat transfer two months ago and developed an infection on my left side my Doctor treated it for three weeks with antibiotics and cutting the bump. Now I have another bump that is painful two inches above the treated one. I need a second opinion please. Thanks.

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Bumps after a Brazilian butt lift

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Bumps after a Brazilian butt lift can be related to fat necrosis (dead fat), abscess (infection collection), and seroma formation (fluid collection). Each one has a different treatment and presentation. Only your plastic surgeon will be able judge what is the problem.

Brazilian butt lift and postop infection

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Atypical infections are something you and your doctor must consider after Brazilian butt lift. These infections are infections caused by Mycobacterium and/or fungus as opposed to a typical bacterial infection.

These infections are insidious and can recur. The typical symptoms are low-grade fevers, recurrent infections, very little  pus and a tender red nodules. Normal bacterial infections will have high fevers, a large amount of wound and will not recur once they are drained and treated with antibiotics.

If your symptoms are similar to this you should discuss this with your doctor and consider an infectious disease consultation.

Please post a photo

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You plastic surgeon would be the best to judge whether this is an infection or fat graft necrosis (dead fat).  Posting a photo would help in providing more accurate advice.  There is a chance that both are occurring, where fat that has been placed has not survive and then your body attempts to absorb it or cover it with scar tissue.  This may be a lengthy process as other areas might pop up.  Have your plastic surgeon take a look at it and keep a close eye on it.

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I Had a Buttock Fat Transfer Infection That Was Treated. Now I Feel Another Bump

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You may need to have it drained. Please follow up with your doctor as these issues require the attention of a plastic surgeon.

Infected lumps after Brazilian Butt Lift

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Hi there-

Only your surgeon can know (after examining you) what is going on.

While I understand your concerns, I would encourage you to maintain faith and trust in your surgeon- presumably you chose him for the right reasons- odds are that your outcome will be better if you let him see things through than if you jump ship to another surgeon.

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