What is causing my right eyelid to be swollen and develop more creases? (photo)

I usually have tapered eyelids but recently my right eyelid has been swelling up and flipping wrong, another crease has developed on it (or I think it was always there, it just somehow got bigger) and now my eye isn't sure which crease to flip to. In the first picture it's my swollen eye and the second is my regular left eye. What's wrong, how can I fix this?

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Swollen eye

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  • The usual cause of eyelid swelling is an infection or an allergy to something in the air.
  • You should see a Board Certified Opthalmologist first, before having any surgery.

Not sure about the swelling but the right upper eyelid is less full than the left upper eyelid.

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Loss of volume can definitely bring out the appearance of new lid folds.  These likely have always been then.  It is just that they probably hide under the fold and now appear more obvious with the loss of volume.  It is important that if you decide to have eyelid surgery for this that you seek a surgeon with a great deal of Asian eyelid surgery experience.  It is also possible that fillers in the right upper eyelid fold might help.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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