Mouth Open Unconsciously

Ever since I was a kid; people usually tell me that my mouth is open. And, I would like to know why that is happening all the time?

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Mouth open unconsciously

Patients who open their mouths unconsciously and do not realize it, oftern have chronic nasal obstruction.  There are many different causes of chronic nasal obstruction including allergies, deviated septum, valve collapse, and turbinate hypertrophy.  It all must be addressed at the time of the physical examination with an ENT facial plastic surgeon.  Surgical repair of any medically related issues are typically billed to the patient’s insurance and are not considered cosmetic.  Medical management of nasal obstruction may include antihistamines, nasal sprays, and decongestants.

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Need to rephrase question

Really do not have a clue what you are referring to with this particular question.  Try to rephrase your question with a better description as it seems to be something that is bothering you.  

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