Why my Face is Deformed? my Left Side of my Face is Not the Same Look As the Right Side of my Face. (photo)

Hello. My name is Patricio i'm 17 years old and i need your help! I feel deformed,i got to the point of hurting myself i'm not doing it for enjoyment i'm just tired of my life.I just wan't to know what i have.I actually found out 3 years ago that i have a cornea problem on my right eye only and i been suffering left ear infection.As you can see in my pics, my forehead is flat. My left zygomatic bone is bigger then the right one.My nose is crooked and teeth aren't suppose to be like that. HELP:,(

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Facial Asymmetry

Hi Patricio,

Thanks for posting your question.  First of all, you are not deformed.  Every person has various amounts of facial asymmetry.  From what I can see in the pictures, you look very normal - nothing unusual or out of the ordinary.  Many people, when they look in the mirror long enough or analyze pictures of themselves start to find a laundry list of asymmetries when comparing one side of their face to the other.  This is normal.  With that said, there are many options to help improve symmetry and I would suggest that you talk with your parents about a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to review your options.  They can examine you and review your anatomy and give you any suggestions about what to do and what not to do.  However, none of this is any reason to "hurt" yourself.  If you are still having these feeling, then I would suggest discussing this with your parents, teacher, trusted friend or call a help hotline such as Safe Horizons 1.800.621.HOPE

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