Is it legal for a dental assistant file and cement my final crown in NC?

I had few crowns done last year with this new dentist, and when my final crowns have arrived they were file and cemented by the dental assistant, in fact on that appointment I have not even seen the dentist. The assistant was ok but she file the Emax crown for tooth #9 in an angle and I was left like that. This year i want to replace 4 front teeth with Emax to match including redone #9 but i don't know weather i can refuse to have them put in by the dental assistant.

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Can an assistant cement crown? #DrSoftTouch

Every state has its own regulations as to what dental assistants can do. In my state, assistants can not permanently cement a crown, but maybe they can in your state. Either way, I would recommend speaking with your dentist about your concerns. Explain to him/her that you would feel more comfortable if he/she did the work rather than the assistant. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Every state has their own regulations pertaining to what the dental auxiliaries can do. In my state, the assistant cannot cement in a crown permanently.  Maybe they are allowed to in your state. Having said that, you are paying for the dentist's treatment and you should be able to have him or her do all the work. You should speak to the dentist about it. 

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