Cocaine 1 Month After Nose Job?

I had a closed nose job 1 month ago. Unfortunately due to stressful circumstances I have started using about half a gram of coke twice a week. The tip of my nose is very tender and it’s made me catch a cold and get sick, I think because my nose is very sensitive. I need to know the reality of the damage and what I am doing to the healing process. I am trying to curb it. I am an intelligent adult and your medical advice is appreciated. Obviously I know it is too soon and is damaging any way.

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You are wise to "cry" for help!  Call your surgeon now and also seek medical help to escape from cocaine immediately.

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Cocaine Use 1 Month After a Rhinoplasty

I agree with all of the posts so far. The important thing to know is that cocaine is incredibly effective at shrinking blood vessels. By decreasing (and in some cases actually shutting off) blood flow through the vessels inside your nose you are making it much more difficult for your nose to heal after your procedure. The best case scenario is that you heal, but it takes much longer than it should. The worst case scenario is that the tissue inside of your nose dies from lack of blood flow and your nose collapses. Please stop while there is still time. Talk to your doctor about finding another, less dangerous outlet for your stress.

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Cocaine after rhinoplasty

Your risk is that you'll erode your septum.  If you've had a rhinoplasty  you clearly care about your nasal shape.  If you kill your septum your nose will collapse and produce a severe and obvious deformity.

Google cocaine noses to see what this might look like. You need to stop using cocaine now.  See your doctor re this and the stress.

imagine how stressed you'll be if your nose collapses.

Cocaine After Rhinoplasty

Dear Dina,

As you have mentioned: "Obviously it is too soon and is damaging any way".

Aside the countless health risks resulting from cocaine consumption, the nasal septum perforation is one that you cannot disregard.

Given the fact that I am not fully aware of the details of your surgery, I cannot predict what your cocaine consumption has already caused but it sure may have an negative impact over your recovery process.

That being said, I recommend that you deal with the stress in a different manner (stress management and therapy) and to think about the option of getting professional help to stay away from cocaine consumptions in hard times as well as in good times; drug addiction is purely detrimental.

It is of your best benefit to consult with your surgeon in all honesty for a thorough examination; hiding important information from your physician/surgeon should not an option regardless of any possible hesitation.

Thank you for your inquiry.

The best of wishes to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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Cocaine is never good for Rhinoplasty or overall Health


You should stop your cocaine usage and seek help if you are having problems. Cocaine can cause many problems for your over all health as well as your post surgical recovery. You can get a perforation in your septum, infection, and multitudes of problems. Stop your activities and seek help for your stress in another manner. Cocaine is not a good stress reliever! Best regards and get well!

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Cocaine 1 Month After Nose Job?

I commend you for your honesty. The next step is to quit all together because the damage that you will be causing can reach the point of no return. Cocaine constricts the blood vessels in the nose and everywhere else in the body. The cliché I use is that Plastic Surgery is a balance between beauty and blood supply. Everything we do in our specialty requires good blood supply. By using cocaine you are basically cutting off the blood supply to the wounds that need to heal. Cocaine will also erode the cartilage structure of you nose over time. The classic cocaine nose shows a large septal perforation or hole in the septum of the nose from the chronic lack of blood flow leading to dead cartilage. There is no question that you are inhibiting the wound healing with substance abuse. Keep working hard to quit and please obtain help. It takes a big person to admit this problem so now let that strength help you kick this habit. Best of luck!

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