Mommy Makeover and Weight Loss. What to Expect for Final Results?

I am 5'2 and weight 145 i have changed my diet and exercising for the last eight month and lost 10 pounds and haven't been able to lose anymore weight. If i went ahead and did a mommy makeover would it mess up my results if after i was able to lose 10 or 20 lbs?

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Slight Weight Losses And Tummy Tucks

At 5'2" and 145 pounds, you are overweight but certainly not obese.  A good tummy tuck should remove the excess skin between the top of your belly button and 1" below the top of your pubic hair.  A face to face, hands on evaluation of your abdomen would tell any Board Certified Plastic Surgeon experienced in Mommy Makeovers whether you are a good candidate for a full tummy tuck.  If you are, in fact, a good candidate, then this skin resection and associated muscle repair should give your stomach a very tight, youthful appearance and feel.  A weight loss of 10 pounds after this should have little effect on the final result. 
More than likely, your plastic surgeon will also suction out your hips (muffin tops).  This plus the skin resection on your abdomen should give you about a 5 pound weight loss.  Your improved appearance and consequent improved self-esteem should break loose the logjam preventing you from losing that last 10-15 pounds. 

Losing weight before a mommy makeover

I would recommend going ahead with your surgery.  I tell my mommy makeover patients that they should wait to have surgery if they're planning a 50 pound or more weight loss.  Good luck! 

Mommy Makeover

There are a lot of variables with a Mommy Makeover and how patients bodies respond to weight loss.  In general I would agree that if you are planning on loosing 20 more pounds I would do that first before considering surgery.  The weight loss probably would not hurt the results of the abdominal component of the surgery but may give significant changes to the breasts.



Gary Hall,MD

Gary Hall, MD
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Weight loss and Mommy Makeover.

Thank you for your question.  A small amount of weight change shouldn't make a big difference. If you plan on losing more than 20 pounds, then I would recommend waiting until your weight is stable for 3- 6 months for best results and predictable results.

 I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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Discuss your weight loss goals during your consultation!

There’s no question that being close to your ideal body weight improves the results of Mommy Makeover surgery.It also decreases the potential for complications with this type of surgical procedure.For these reasons, we prefer that patients be within 10% of their ideal body weight at the time of surgery.
Unfortunately, reaching an ideal weight is easier said than done.The vast majority of patients are unsuccessful at losing this additional weight.It’s also important to realize that even when patients are overweight, they can potentially benefit from this type of surgery. We therefore, evaluate every patient on an individual basis.
We encourage patients to lose weight before surgery and prefer that their weight be stable for at least three months.We realize that some patients will have difficulty losing weight.We therefore, encourage patients to be in a supervised weight loss program.Even with that help, some patients will be unsuccessful in their effort to lose weight.Even without weight loss, many of these patients will still potentially benefit from Mommy Makeover surgery.
It’s important to realize that weight loss following Mommy Makeover surgery can affect the final result. A weight loss of 20 lbs. could result in the need for revisional surgery.For these reasons, it’s important to thoroughly discuss the issue with your plastic surgeon.

Mommy Makeover and Weight Loss. What to Expect for Final Results?

It is best if you lost the weight before surgery.  Once that is done, the best contouring can be accomplished.

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