Does Lichen Sclerosus on Abdomin Pose a Problem for a Mommy Makeover? (photo)

I am 27. Currently pregnant with baby boy number 3. Once I am done having children, I would like a mommy makeover. Does having lichen sclerosus pose a problem for the tummy tuck? Added are photos of my stomach right now. I am 27 weeks pregnant. but you can see the stretch marks, and the baggy skin under the belly from gaining 90lbs with my first pregnancy due to hypothyroidism.

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Lichen Sclerosis and a mommy make over

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Hello Dezae -

Your photo looks like lichen sclerosis. Yes, after your baby and breast feeding, you can have a mommy make over. A few questions and suggestions:

  • Did you have a biopsy? It looks like lichen sclerosis but it is important to be sure your diagnosis is correct.
  • Did it appear with pregnancy? If so, it should diminish afterwards.
  • Did it appear with your low thyroid? If so, have your thyroid levels checked.
  • Have it treated if possible before surgery - usually with steroid creams.
  • Your plastic surgeon should discuss this with your dermatologist
  • Infection and poor scarring are probably more likely but with the right diagnosis, treatment and good planning, you should do fine.
  • Best of luck with this and your new baby.

Lichen sclerosus

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Dear Dezarea,

  How did you get the diagnosis ? Was a biopsy taken ? If indeed you were diagnosed by a dermatologist, you have to be cleared for surgery by him. The Lichen sclerosus is located in a favorable spot  that is usualy removed by the tummy tuck procedure. However, it is not clear what causes that condition. Injury, is suspected as one of the trigers. That is why , I recommend to discuss it with your dermatologist. Ask him if it is possible for the Lichen sclerosus to occure at the surgery site. That might complicate the wound healing. As far as the strech marks, no problem. You should not have a healing prblem from that stand point. In regard to your pregnancy, wait 3-6 month before you have surgery if cleard by your doctor.



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