Should a mole on the sole of foot be reviewed by a GP?

My 5 year old son has a small round dark brown spot on the sole of his foot. I originally thought this to be a small blood blister that may have been caused by an unknown minor trauma. However after quite afew weeks the area doesn't appear to be resolving therefore I'm now thinking it is more likely to be a mole. Is this something I should be asking our GP for advice on?

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Your 5 year old son will undoubtedly develop something in the

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near future and need to see his need to make a separate appointment to ask about his spot...the likelihood of a melanoma or something serious at that age is exceedingly long as nothing changes, waiting several weeks or months rarely causes any easily

Las Vegas Dermatologist

Pigmented Lesion on the Sole

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  A new pigmented lesion in this location should be evaluated. Though the risk of melanoma at this age is fortunately small, if a melanoma, the behavior can be quite aggressive. Acral lentiginous melanoma, the type that occurs on this location, has mutation markers which tend to lead to more malignant behavior.
 The thinking, back when I was a resident, was that all pigmented lesions in this location should be removed. It was felt that these growths  were particularly difficult to discern benign from malignant. However, recent articles in the literature have shown that they can be followed, and that the usual ABCDE guidelines can be observed. The use of dermatoscopy, a specialized light source that most dermatologists now use, can be very helpful in this regard. We look to see whether the pigment is in the peaks or valleys.
  I would recommend you take your son to a dermatologist, not necessarily a pediatric dermatologist unless he already has one. A mole is a mole and a general dermatologist has at least as much experience looking at moles as a pediatric dermatologist. Whether a general dermatologist or a pediatric dermatologist, I would check whether a dermatoscope will be employed, since this instrument might avoid a biopsy. Performing a biopsy on a mole in a 5 year old is not fun for anyone, especially the child. 

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Lesion on foot

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Thank you for your question, without an exam I can not recommend treatment.
I do recommend that you actually be evaluated by a pediatric dermatologist to diagnose the lesion.

Best Regards,

Dr. Stutman

Ross Stutman, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

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