I would like the moles/freckles on my arms removed, what's the best possible way to do so without scarring? (photos)

I've been very self conscious about my moles for quite some time. I have them all over my arms, and I was teased growing up- called a cheetah, that I looked like I hate polka dots etc. I really want to remove them, they're small moles. Even if I can only remove some of them, some is better then none. I know I'd have to go to a board certified dermatologist already, but my question is what's the best method in your opinions that'll leave the least scarring?

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True Nevi (Moles, Beauty Marks, Birth Marks) Are Best Removed By "Scalpel Sculpting"

Of course, there can be no substitute for an up close and personal examination of the skin to determine the best method for removing the brown spots on your skin. However, the photo suggests that the majority of the spots are not innocent freckles (which are simply an over accumulation of pigment within the skin that possess the ability to darken upon sun exposure), but are actually true moles (nevi or so-called "beauty marks" or "birth marks"), which are actually each an overgrowth and overabundance of pigment producing cells. 

Since even innocent and benign appearing moles (in contrast to true freckles) can potentially harbor malignant melanoma (a very serious form of skin cancer), and, as we have a world-wide epidemic of malignant melanoma, it is ill-advised to use any destructive method to remove them, be it laser, freezing, electrosurgery, electrocautery and acids, since none of these methods permits microscopic examination of the tissue to exclude the possibility of melanoma.

For more than thirty years, scalpel sculpting, therefore, is my treatment of choice for cosmetically removing true moles. This approach engenders only a negligible chance of leaving a scar while obtaining sufficient tissue to allow pathology lab confirmation of a mole's benign nature. For more information on scalpel sculpting, check out the archives of Realself.com.

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Certain moles and age spots can be improved with a few methods easily.

The flat moles and the age spots  can be improved easily with precise electrofulguration, lasers, chemical peels and freezing. I tend to prefer the electrofulguration since it is precise and inexpensive. Often you need 1-3 sessions at 1 month apart. They will always recur at some point but hopefully you get a few yrs between treatments. Sincerely, David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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