Should I Have a Mole Removed After Being Shaved 2x's, Bio Neg Both Times and It Grew Back Again?

Had a mole removed two times(shaved the 1st time and a deeper shave the 2nd time) within a 12- 18 month time period, both bio's came back neg. It has grown back a third time, a little smaller and barely at the surface. Do I need to take action by having it removed a third time.

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The recurrent mole

Moles that recur result from incomplete removal.  The most popular mole removal technique is referred to as "the shave removal."  It removes the portion of the mole above the skin surface, often accomplishing the goal of flattening the area to reduce accidentally hitting the mole with the razor or getting rubbed by a bra strap.  The flat area that is left is much less noticeable than the original mole in most cases and can be easily covered with make up.  In many cases, the mole cells extend much deeper around hair follicles and given time, can regenerate the mole as in your case.  With each removal, the mole typically becomes smaller.

So to answer your question, I would ask if the mole bothers you.  If yes, then you certainly can.  The fact that the mole returned does not make it worrisome for skin cancer.

  The only definitive removal technique is to have the area excised and sutured.  This is not usually performed on benign appearing moles because of the linear scar, cost, and minimal added benefit. 

My advice for removing a benign mole is :

Always make sure that you want it gone (it is impossible to sew back on LOL)

If you are unsure about what technique, always start with the shave removal.  A dermatological surgeon can always surgically excise the area later if necessary.  The reverse is not true!


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Should a recurrent mole be removed

Since the mole is smaller and "barely at the surface" you should only consider having it removed if it becomes bothersome. With both biopsies coming back negative it should only be a cosmetic concern. If for any reason a shave excision does not heal as well as expected, the mole can always be excised and sutured which would be your next best option if you still want it removed.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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