Had a Small Raised Hairy Mole on my Face Removed. Was Benign but Pigment and Hair Grew Back Within Month?

I heard it is common for moles like this to grow back and my doc warned me, but didn't think it would be so fast. Making an appt to get all of it removed, but any need to worry? I've always thought hair was a good sign of no cancer. Also, heard it is common for pigment to be a tad darker on regrowth. Is that true?

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Mole regrowth


It is uncommon for moles to grow back so quickly if they are completely excised.  It may be that the previous mole was not completely excised or was just shaved, in which case it will grow back.

I do not think there is any need to worry if the pathology of the mole on the initial exision was benign, however I would still send the second excision for further testing to ensure that there was no error in the pathology reporting.

The pigment can be a little darker whr the mole grows back, however I think this is usually due to pigmentation in the scar.

Good luck with the further excision.

Stephen Salerno

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