Activity restrictions after a medial thigh lift?

I'm having a medial thigh lift in 3 weeks. I have to drive 1.5 hours home 2 days post-op; is this even possible? The reviews say many don't sit for WEEKS. If that's so, how do you have a BM? I don't want to compromise the surgery in any way, but I have to drive back by myself (I have NO other option in this), and I have 2 small kids I need to care for. Is bending, stairs, sitting, etc even possible? What can I expect as far as what I CAN'T do?

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Medial thigh lift

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There are several methods to do a medial thigh lift.Ambulation post surgery is important, but will be very limited. Need help with daily life for a week or two.All this should have been discussed with you by the operating surgeon himself/herself, other wise find some one who can spend the time and the care for patient care post operatively.You also have children to care for. You are not ready for surgery of this magnitude, specially elective cosmetic surgery

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Activity after thigh lift

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Hello and thank you for your question. I think that you should rethink what you are planning on doing. If you were my patient I would not let you drive 1.5 hours or 1 min 2 days after surgery especially thigh lift. You shouldn't drive for about 2 weeks following your surgery and possibly 3. Trying to look after 2 kids by yourself after surgery is not feasible. Please get some help before embarking on this journey. Peter Fisher M.D 

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