Does driving after a lower body lift widen scars?

Would getting in and out of a car widen lower body lift scars?

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Scarring After LBL

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The scar for a lower body lift goes all of the way around the truck, so the position you sit or stand in will put different stresses on the healing tissue. Early after surgery we worry about stitches popping on the back if you bend too much at the waist or hips. We purposely make the skin as tight as possible at the surgery to get the best results, so early on it is important to be very careful not to bend too far over. If stitches do pop obviously the final scar will be worse. The skin naturally stretches relatively rapidly after the surgery so that by ~2 weeks out it is not as tight anymore, and it is safe to bend and be a little more flexible. Driving and getting in and out of the car should be limited in the early days after surgery to prevent too much tension on incisions, and if possible the seat should be adjusted back so you don’t have to sit straight up. Also compact cars where you really have to fold yourself up to get in should be avoided at first (a lower SUV or sedan are ideal). Once the incisions are healed, positioning like that will not have any real influence on the width of your scars!

Driving a car should no affect scars

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Thank you for your question.  Driving should have no affect on your scarring.  We recommend taping over your incisions for 3-4 months to improve the look of the scars.

Car travel/driving after LBL

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Good question. Certainly, excessive activity after Lower body lift is not advised, but normal sitting, walking, standing, and changing between those positions of the trunk are expected and not prohibited. Although the wound closure can have some stress with driving, it would not be much different than with normal movements and postures during your recovery; just be sure you check with your surgeon before any deviation from the instructions you have been given, and follow the prescribed timetable for adding physical activities back into your routine.

Will driving widen body lift scars?

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Really you will need to be up and around after your body lift anyway and anything that potentially puts tension on the LBL scars can widen them.  But by the time you are able to drive after your surgery, getting in and out of the car should have little effect on the scars.  By that time you will have already been in and out of bed and in and out of potentially chairs or recliners as well.  So you should be fine, just keep in mine that scarring can be unpredictable from person to person.  Best of luck with your surgery!

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