Missing Canine?

when i was still young my doctor extracted my (r) canine because he thought it was a temporary one, but as the years rolled by, no canine appeared leaving it a "gap"/space between my (r) first molar and (r) lateral incisors. right now, i have braces and my dentist suggested & told me that he would do a fixed bridge to fill in the gap. my question is, is it possible to move my (r) first molar & reshape it as canine to replace my missing (r) canine? Co'z honestly i think fixed bridge is hard to maintain and more or less fails within 7 yrs and the bad thing about it is it would reshape my (r) lateral incisor bcoz it would serve as a tooth to be crown to anchor the artificial canine. bottomline is all i want is to have a align perfect smile without any bridge, or external implants etc...

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Missing Canine

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Your dentist is right, a bridge is a better option. The best option would be an implant, this treatment may require a graft. This is because not have a tooth there most likely made bone collapse in that area.

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Missing Canine

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Your best bet is to have a single implant for the canine.  It is the most cost effective and other teeth will not have to be touched.

Murray Bruckel, DDS
Norwalk Dentist

Can and should are different

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Yes, you can do that, but an implant would be best.  A canine is very important with both function and looks.  Without the proper root placement your face will not be symmetrical, and with a constricted arch you will have a compromised airway and may develop TMJ issues.

Moving the premolar means you need to move the molars too, which takes a LONG time.

The vast majority of bridges last much longer than 7 years.  Moving and reshaping the premolar should be the LAST option.

Difficult options

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You may be able to have an orthodontist move the first premolar into the place of the canine, but I wouldn't recommend it.  The premolar will be difficult to make it look like a canine, plus you will still have the space where the premolar was (which would still need a bridge or an implant to restore).  Your best option is to have an implant placed where the missing canine is.  It will last a long time (it is likely to outlast most of your teeth) and will be much easier to maintain.

Allen Mortimer, DDS
Flint Dentist

Reshape teeth?

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The short answer is yes you may need a veneer placed over the tooth to look even better I suggest a diagnositc wax up or computer moc up to see what it would look like before treatment is started good luck



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Kevin Coughlin, DMD
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