Is It Normal for Bottom Crowns to Be Darker Than Top Crowns?

All my teeth have been crowned (all zirconia/ porcelain) by a cosmetic dentist.The color is a perfect match except for 4 front bottom teeth which are noticeably darker than the other crowns.The dentist says this is normal because the material is thinner on these teeth, but as I asked that all my crowns match perfectly, should he not have compensated for this when making the crowns? He says I must pay again for 4 new lighter crowns! Is this fair?

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Darker Bottom Crowns

The top and bottom crowns can definately be the same shade or very close to it. When discussing treatment if he had said that they would match, and now the finally result is different than exapected, I would think he would follow through with what he said. He should fix this for you and give you matching shades.

It is not normal for lower crowns to be darker than uppers

The color should have been checked at the time of try-in and it they did not match then they should have been sent back to the lab to be modified or re-made. In my opinion the excuse you were given is not a valid one. Yes, the lower teeth are smaller teeth but a good lab can achieve the desired color.

If this was my case and I notice that the color did not match after they have been cemented, I would not charge to remake them.

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Lower Crowns - Should They Be Darker? Answe

There two reasons why your lower crowns may appear darker. One is merely the shadowing affect created by your lower lip and the teeth being farther back in your mouth... Just an illusion. The other is a true darker tooth caused by a darker natural tooth color under the zirconium crown. This is seen in people with root canal treated teeth with metal posts and also severe tetracycline staining. Even though zirconium crowns are the best all porcelain crowns over severely discolored teeth, they may appear darker next to a similar zirconium crown over a tooth that is not severely discolored.  Your dentist should be able to discuss these factors with you. There are ways to block out a severely discolored tooth so it doesn't cause your tooth to look darker.

Hank D. Michael, DMD is a dentist in Sarasota, FL

Hank D. Michael, DMD
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Unhappy with color of crowns?

If the crowns are zircronium they are not transparent so should not show the natural tooth... Normally a dentist will try the crowns in to make sure you are happy with appearance since once they are cemented in they have to be cut off to redo good luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD      CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
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Dark crowns

If only there was a way to bleach crowns... but there isn't.  This discreptancy should have been picked up at your tryin appointment, and corrected by the lab.  If the crowns are less than a year old, they should be redone at no cost to you or just the lab fee.


Murray Bruckel, DDS
Norwalk Dentist
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Bottom Crowns Darker than Others

It is possible to have the bottom front crowns match the others. If that is what you wanted, and if that is what the dentist said he would provide, then he should stand by his word and provide you with the correct color front four crowns. That's what I would do!

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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