Front Teeth Replacement for different colored crowns?

I got my crown for my front teeth, last month its a zircon crown but to my surprise the shade behaviour is embarassing, in brighter light the shade seems to be matching with the adjacent teeth but when i see in mirror opposite to light it shows dull dirt shade .What would be the reason? Can i remove the crown n go for a new one if so which crown is better that will have same shade under all lightings , Please advice im really stressed due to this..

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Crown Color Doesn't Match

Putting a single crown center stage in a sea of natural teeth can be tricky. A cosmetic dentist who uses a high quality lab can help improve the look of your crown. Yes it can be redone. Photograph should be taken by your dentist and communicated with the lab. Teeth are not one color and so a crown that is milled from a single slug of porcelain will never belong. There are so many porcelain systems out there ,and most of them are excellent. Start with a highly experienced doctor using a cosmetic lab.

Newton Dentist
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Unhappy With Color Match of Crown

Sorry you are not happy with your new crown.  Matching one single front tooth perfectly is a very difficult task.  Using Empress or Emax would give you the best chance for a more acceptable color match.  Good luck.

Donald L. Wilcox, DDS
Glendale Dentist
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Emax or all porcelain crown

Matching single crown is one of the hardest procedures for a dentist. Usually we recommend either custom shade matching at office/dental laboratory or trying in the permanent crown and have patient decide on color. If he/she is happy then we will cement it permanently otherwise take new shade and sent to lab for new crown fabrication. Usually either patient pays higher fee for single crown or patient pays the lab fee for color change only for second time. Discuss with your dentist and he/she will gladly do for you . Best of luck

Adnan Saleem, DMD
Frisco Dentist

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