How much volume is lost with breast lift? (Photo)

I had BA Jan 2014 and I was extremely disappointed with this. I was a 34 C and ended up 34DDD. Not what I wanted. I have a new surgeon and will be having a lift without implants. I am concerned with how much volume I will lose. I do not want to be smaller than I was before, just want to be perky and lifted.

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How much volume is lost with breast lift

There is no loss of volume with  a breast lift. It does give more projection and the width of the breast is narrower. That narrower breast leads many to think they are smaller, but they are the same size in terms of volume.

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How much volume is lost w BL

Thank you for your questions and photos. I agree with your assessment, your implants were too big for you. 

During most breast lift procedure, no breast tissue other than skin is removed. So you will have the same amount of breast tissue but in a tighter skin envelope. This will lead to perkier breasts. A lot of my BL patients feel they have "Bigger"breast after surgery even though no volume was added. Good luck. 

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How much volume is lost with breast lift?

Actually there is little if any breast tissue removed during a breast lift procedure, though some surgeons might do otherwise. The only volume lost is the implant itself. How you see volume might be by judging the upper part of the breast, or the projection and this is why we often use an implant in breast lift, to round out the upper breast. In a bra however if you once were a C, you should remain one.

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How much volume is lost with breast lift?

Ordinarily mastopexy (breast lift) reduces the breast size slightly. Usually not a full cup size. I'm a little confused by your question. Are you going to have your breast implants removed and simply have a breast lift.? If so you can expect to be smaller than you were before your breast implants. Consider downsizing implants and having a lift as well.

Marshall T. Partington, MD, FACS
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How much volume is lost with breast lift?

Thanks for the question, it is a common concern. Patients with loose breasts almost always wear a bra that is too big for them so it fits across the bottom of the breast but the upper cup remains unfilled. Therefore they think they are a certain cup size when they really are much smaller. A pure breast lift requires the removal of some skin, a fairly small amount in your case, and the true volume reduction, when measured as volume, is extremely small. But then the patient can wear a bra that truly fits. From the single photo I would guess your true breast volume is no more than a B and that is the bra you would probably find fits after an explant and lift. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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