Will Invisalign correct my inward tilted molars? (Photo)

I sought an opinion from a top 1% orthodontist and he said my case is severe and would require 16-20 months. I didn't think my teeth were that bad but what do I know. Will invisalign really be able to lift my molars upright? Will fixing my narrow arches and overbite/jet screw up my bite? I have TMJ and my teeth already bite down correctly. Will I need IPR, rubber bands...etc.? I feel like a year and a half is a long treatment time; is invisalign my fastest most effective option? Thanks

Doctor Answers 1

Yes, Invisalign will work nicely.

Tipping is actually a fairly easy movement to do with Invisalign.  By expanding your upper arch initially, it will then be possible to expand the lower arch, tip the molars buccally and correct the crowding of the lower arch.  I feel I could finish our case in 12 months or less.

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