Should I be wearing the Invisalign template?

Hi, I just started Invisalign a week ago. My orthodondist said I have to wear the template for two weeks, and then start with tray 1/29 and so on. Shouldn't I be starting with tray 1 from the beginning? I'm wearing the template for a week now, can it do any harm or is the shape the same as tray one?

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No! The template does not move teeth.

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That is ridiculous!  The template is "passive" and does not move the teeth at all.  It is simply used to place the attachments on the teeth before aligner tray #1 is worn. You are wasting two weeks and nothing is happening with the template. It will not harm your teeth, but you should tell them you want to come in and have your attachments put on (if not already on) and be given aligner #1 to wear.

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