Would Invisalign be able to fix my edge to edge bite and slight crowding? (photos)

I a bit concerned now, because I didn't seek out several options when choosing a provider. I love my dentist and they do a great job! I figured they would be a good choice because they know me and can also keep and eye on my extraction during this process. I'm not wondering if Invisalign is the best option for my bite. I have no over jet and I'm concerned that my case may be more serious than I though.

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Yes, Invisalign can be used

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You can absolutely improve your dentition and smile with Invisalign.  I would expand your upper arch and correct the posterior crossbites which are present and procline your upper incisors.  In addition, I would perform IPR of your lower teeth and constrict the lower arch to create some overjet.
Douglas Joping, DDSDallas, TX area

Edge To Edge Bite

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Great Photos!Invisalign can accomplish a lot more than many dentists give it credit for.You need to round out the upper arch and constrict the lower arch.

Both can be done with Invisalign or traditional braces. If you really aren't sure, go see an Orthodontist for a second opinion. If your dentist has a good amount of experience with Invisalign, you should be fine!

Charles Briscoe, DDS
La Jolla Dentist


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Before starting Invisalign treatment I suggest visiting with an orthodontist. Correcting several of your problems with Invisalign may be challenging. If you would like the most ideal positioning of your teeth conventional orthodontics may be a better choice for you. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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