Am I a good candidate for Invisalign to widen my smile? (Photo)

I would like to widen my smile / have more teeth showing at the sides when I smile but my teeth are already quite straight so I'm wondering if Invisalign is worth the high cost for this reason alone?

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Your smile enhancement

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Thanks for sending your question about your smile. I have treated many similar cases such as yours using clear aligners and were able to achieve excellent results using clear aligners such as Invisalign. You should consider consulting with a provider who has a great experience using clear aligners in your area and make sure to discuss all your expectations to make sure your goal would be met. I am confident your final results will be great!All the best,

Los Angeles Dentist
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Will Invisalign Broaden My Smile?

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Invisalign, or clear aligner therapy, is not the best way to broaden a smile. Clear aligners are effective in straightening mild to moderately crowded teeth but they are not effective to broaden a dental arch. If you choose to have clear aligner therapy, you will notice a subtle improvement in the width of your smile because your teeth will be more upright and thus fill in some of the dark areas in the corners of your mouth but you're not going to get a Julia Roberts smile. The only way you can dramatically increase the width of your smile is to increase the width of your dental arch and this can only be done adequately with arch development appliances. My favorite is the DNA but there are several others that will also do the job. Arch development would take 6-12 months followed by clear aligners to straighten the teeth.Added benefits to arch development (besides a broader smile) are a healthier airway and improved facial aesthetics.Good luck!

Widen My Smile

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Great photos!  Invisalign would create  a beautiful arrangement of teeth. When you smile, like the smile in the second photo, your lips have a very nice form and allow a good number of teeth to appear. Once your smile is "widened" with Invisalign, your teeth will be even straighter (you have room for improvement), and, I bet, you would smile even BIGGER! You could do some whitening at the same time.In your case, Invisalign is worth the investment. It would create a beautiful smile to last a lifetime!

Charles Briscoe, DDS
La Jolla Dentist

Invisalign would be Great!

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I would treat you with Invisalign to broaden your smile.  I think you would enjoy the broader smile I could achieve in less than one year.  Broad, wide smiles look great, and you could easily fill the narrow buccal corridors without going through the drawbacks of conventional wires and brackets.You are going to have a great smile soon!  Please carefully select a dentist or orthodontist who is experienced in Invisalign, and look over photos of cases they have done like yours before making your decision on who to treat your case.
Douglas Jopling, DDSDallas, Texas area

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