My Teeth Are Prepped for Veneers but One Tooth Just Lost a Piece (Chipped)

My 6 front teeth were prepped for Porcelain Veneers 2 days ago. I have an appointment in 2 days to have the Veneers placed. I have been avoiding using the front teeth for eating and have been wearing a night guard (they are a touch cold and air sensitive) Tonight I was LIGHTLY brushing my teeth a chunk (about 15% of the tooth) broke off from the rear left side of my front center left tooth. I have no additional pain, but want to know how this will affect my veneer placement in a few days.

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Broken veneer temporary

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If you do not have pain or the tooth does not bother you cosmetically, do not panic.  The tooth is probably fine.  I would ask you to call the office on Monday and ask if they think you need to be seen to check everything.  

Temporary veneers are mostly a way to preview

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Proper provisional veneers allow the dentist and patient to preview the planned final shape of veneers.  The lab normally uses the provisionals as a guide to create the final set.  The color of the provisionals normally is not as good as the finals, so only evaluate shape.

If part of the provisional came off, there will be very little effect on the final outcome.  If part of the TOOTH broke, then that one tooth will need some attention.  It is not likely that this is a big deal, but a call to your dentist would help.

If its your own tooth then it matters.

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If its part of the temporary veneer then it doesn't matter much..Please contact your dental office and inform them about this mishap asap..

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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