CosmoLift - How Does It Compare to Other Mini Lift Procedures?

Can anyone tell me about CosmoLift? Please compare to Lifestyle Lift or Quick Lift.  Thanks!

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Branded lifts are to be avoided

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A quality lift procedure cannot be standardized for everyone, because aging and anatomy differ across individuals. Branded lifts rely more on marketing than actual results to push their product. Proponents of branded lifts sometimes show before and afters of the branded lifts done by others and claim to provide the same result. This is not reality. Always make sure you see a surgeon's own before and after photos for procedures he or she has personally performed. A branded lift is never better than one customized for you.

CosmoLift Is Not a Mini Lift

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The CosmoLift is a reflexology technique that is claimed to give the skin a slight boost, but it is not a permanent solution to a sagging face and cannot really lift it. The other procedures you mentioned -- as well as the S Lift, Feather Lift and Thread Lift – are all variations on a “mini lift,” which usually just addresses the neck, chin and jaw. The different names are really just marketing tools, so the exact procedure may vary from surgeon to surgeon. A full facelift would not only tighten these areas but also remedy sagging in the cheeks. I hope this helps.

Whatever the brand name a Customized Facelift is the way to go

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This is the era of heavy marketing in cosmetic surgery in the United States. In many ways even this website as helpful and informative as it is for both patients and surgeons is a form of marketing.

Marketing is a vital and inherent part of the cosmetic surgery "industry". Without it, us doctors would not get patients and patients would not find the doctors they want to work with as easily.

The problem of course is that with the advent of large corporations trying to get their big piece of the cosmetic surgery pie the ethics and validity of the marketing process has fallen to the wayside. This is a very unfortunate happening as it has resulted in some rather unhappy patients who have been taken in by well crafted marketing that is not backed up by well crafted medicine.

When it comes to facelifts it is of greater importance to have an ethical, experienced surgeon than it is to have a brand name procedure. End of the day whether a procedure is branded or not, it is the surgeon who has to execute the procedure well.

I struggled with the concept of promoting a branded facelift procedure but over time came to realize that since I can do all types of facelifts for all types of patients I wanted to promote the concept to patients that facelifts should be customized for each and every patient's unique needs - and hence the name Custom-Lift. This is by no means a revolutionary concept but certainly a novel one in that I hope it gets the point across that we all need to fight against the big corporations and their cookie cutter approach to medicine together as doctors and patients  .

Kamran Jafri, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Quality of mini-lift depends on the surgeon: focus on the surgeon not the brand name

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I have actually never heard of the "Cosmo Lift" so looked it up: most references indicate it as Japanese Cosmo Lifting and it appears to be a non-surgical "reflexology" treatment—hence you are not going to have the significant long term benefits as a surgical procedure.

Other mini-lift procedures such as the Lifestyle Lift, LiftLift, Quick lift and others are branded surgical techniques. The primary concern is who has branded these techniques and which surgeons are the most qualified to perform them. Heavily marketed mini-facelifts are often performed by surgeons who are not board-certified plastic surgeons or facial aesthetic surgeons. The doctors who perform these surgeries are often ENT specialists without prior aesthetic fellowships, general surgeons, dermatologists and even oral surgeons who have not undergone the rigorous training or length of training.

The longest and most thorough training are probably Plastic Surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This is the only Plastic Surgery  program recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties, and requires years of training and education. In general, the better your surgeon, the better your result.

Top secret facelift techniques are rarely unique

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All of us would like to believe that a given "special" type of facie flit, that only one surgeon knows how to perform, it special. In reality, the biggest differences between surgeons' facelifts are how artistically and delicately they are executed. Seek out an experienced surgeon over a creative marketer.

Cosmolift vs other minilifts

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I do not know what Cosmolift is and how it compares to other mini lifts.  Most plastic surgeons would be familiar with basic type of procedures branded as trademark names.  However, if only one surgeon in the country performs that lift, chances are, it may not be a recognizable procedure.  At least, make sure that the surgeon performing your procedure, is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and your surgery is going to be performed at an accredited, or licensed surgical facility.


Boris Volshteyn M.D., M.S.

Boris Volshteyn, MD, MS
East Brunswick Plastic Surgeon

Cosmo lift

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A Cosmo lift sounds like a magazine, a drink, or a shot into space!  Don't be fooled by a name. Go to a surgeon who does quality work not quality marketing!

Cosmolift is new

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This is new for me, beware of marketing gimmicks.

Facial rejuvenation is a serious undertaking, it involves your face.

There are multiple trade mark names for facelifts that are a variation of a mini facelift, marketed to those doctors who do not feel comfortable performing the wide variety of facelifts, and facial rejuvenations.

If you have any concerns regarding your aging, discuss your concerns with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and your options in facial rejuvenation

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

These are all Marketing Terms only!

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The procedures you described are marketing terms and do not describe a new procedure. Most of these terms refer to the Mini-lift or Mini tuck procedures which have been around for 30 years or more. Be very careful when considering any of the trademarked procedures and be sure to do your homework. Particularly make sure you are dealing with experienced surgeons who have a long track record of excellent work.

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