Get Fraxel Laser Resurfacing or a Mini-Face lift First?

I am considering getting a "mini" facelift, as well as doing a Fraxel repair (or similar) laser resurfacing. If doing these 2 procedures within a few weeks of each other, would you suggest doing surgery or laser resurfacing FIRST? To me it makes sense to do surgery and THEN the laser resurfacing...but really I have no clue! Or maybe it doesn't matter...? I have some vacation and would like to fit it all in to one time frame, if possible.

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Mini Facelift and FRAXEL together

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Depending on the FRAXEL laser settings, number of passes, health of your skin, whether or not you smoke among other factors and how invasive the facelift is will determine the safety of this procedure. Mini Face lifts and those that have limited undermining such as the MAC or LiteLift procedures are safer procedures for doing both of these procedures. Also it should be safe to do laser on those areas that are not undermined - such as the lips and chin area. I often do chemical peels and/or laser skin treatments at the same time as our limited incision face lifts (LiteLift) and have not seen an increase in complications. If you are going to stage the procedures do the facelift first and then use the laser on the scars which may be beneficial.

Opinions are often given in the absence of experience with these combined techniques. My advice is to make sure you go to a board certified plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with and follow their recommendations.

Fraxel laser, mini facelift combination

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Since several fraxel laser treatments are required to see results it does not matter if they are performed before or after a mini facelift.

Caution should be exercised not to laser close to the incisions to prevent devascularization if performed simultaneously.  Cheers

Luis A. Cenedese, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Faclift first and laser second.

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I would recommend that you have the facelift surgery first followed by the laser resurfacing procedure at a later date. Generally this will enhance the results of the facelift surgery. In some instances areas that are not "lifted" during the surgery can be treated at the same time as the facelift. This commonly involves the area around the mouth.

Surgery and Fraxel

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I would have the surgery first, then wait about 6-8  weeks or until you are healed to have the laser treatment.  If you do the laser first on the face, a facelift may raise the skin on your jawline that was treated by the fraxel.

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