Mini Facelift for a 32-year-old?

When I went in for a possible Chin liposuction consultation, the doctor suggested  a Mini lift instead. I have some fat under my chin and jowls. I am not extremelly overweight--I weigh 149 lbs. at 5'2". What is your opinion about facelifts as far as age is concerned?

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Too early, most likely


Without a comprehensive examination, I can only advise based on your age. Most likely you are too young for any face lift surgery, including mini lift, s lift, short scar lift, and thread lift.

Plastic surgery is usually reserved for more advanced skin aging, even including these minimally invasive face lift procedures. Most plastic surgeons consider face lift surgery starting in the late 30's or early 40's for both men and women.

More appropriate for you, if your chin & neck areas bother you, would be liposuction of the neck, chin augmentation or chin implant. A weak chin will make the neck appear full. Appropriate chin enhancement would not make you masculine. Some patients may even need jaw & teeth realignment, for severely small chins.

Jowls may also be treated with injectable fillers, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and fat. Jowls contribute to full neck and aged appearance of the lower face.

Consider starting with more minimal cosmetic treatments, including basic skin care. If you are still unsatisfied with the aesthetic results, then you may consider face lift surgery.

Speak with your plastic surgeon about cosmetic options for neck & jowl treatment.

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Most cases only need liposuction for excess fat of the neck/jowls in 32 yr olds

Liposuction of the jowls, jawline and under chin areas is very common in 32 yr olds and makes a big improvement for only $2500 on special and is done under local anesthesia with patients back to work in 1-2 days.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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Facelift Surgery at 32 Years Old

Although there is that rare patient that requires a formal facelift procedure at your age, this is definitely not a common occurrence. In my experience, patients your age often benefit from procedures such as liposuction, micro-liposuction and even platysma muscle tightening to achieve a more youthful look. It might be in your best interest to get several opinions from qualified, board certified facial plastic surgeons to see about other options out there. Good luck.

John M. Hilinski, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Mini face lift

A plastic surgeon should evaluate and analyze the face, then can discuss his evaluation with you and your options. You can decide what you want after hearing all the options available. If you choose the wrong surgery, the plastic surgeon should dicuss that with you. The numerical age is not an indication for surgery, rather the extent of the aging process and what bothers you.

Samir Shureih, MD
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Mini facelift options vs. Ulthera - Los Angeles

A great option for a mini facelift without surgery is the Ulthera treatment, which can tighten neck and face fascia. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Mini lift in a 32 Year Old?

As other posters have correctly stated, a physical examination is required before a definitive answer can be given. However, I can tell you that 32 year old mini lift candidates are as rare as four leaf clovers. Unfortunately, indications are no obstacle for some Surgeons. Given your age, you are most likely in the selective liposuction category. 

Stephen Prendiville, MD
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Mini lift in 32 year old

  I don't believe that any of us can answer this question without seeing you or at least good photos of you.  Yes, chin lipo may be all that you need but it will not correct the problem of excess skin and a well designed mini lift is not that much bigger procedure and may yield a happier result.



Lawrence Kass, MD
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Mini lift for 32-year-old or just neck liposuction?

Generally, liposuction of the neck in a 32-year-old person is all they need. However your surgeon must have felt that your skin would not shrink up and was loose enough that it needed tightening. 32 years old seems like a young age to need a lift but it depends very much on your skin elasticity. I would get a second opinion from a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in facial surgery and see what he or she thinks.

Andrew Kaczynski, MD
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon
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Minifacelift at 32

I have never performed a facelift or a mini-facelift on a 32 year old female, although I suppose there is always the exception.  WIthout an exam I can not say.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Mini Facelift in the Younger Patient

It is hard to give you a fair assessment without having had a chance to see you however, there are cases in which neck lift or mini facelifts are indicated even in patients in their 30's. These are relatively rare and the least invasive option should be utilized first. Sometimes, especially with a heavier neck, it is required to perform a neck lift procedure in addition to liposuction. In these cases, there is fat in the deeper parts of the neck which cannot be effectively and safely removed with liposuction. Jowl formation significant enough to require a cheek lift or mini lift is really rare in a patient in their early 30s. There are a number of minimally invasive approaches which should be evaluated prior to moving toward a lift at this stage.

Amir M. Karam, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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