Cannot chew properly after invisalign treatment, what can be done? (Photos)

I have started invisalign treatment 19 trays ago (2 weeks per tray) and just finished it, but now I cannot chew properly especially on the right side, it feels that my lower right molars turning inward. In short upper and lower molars do not meet after finishing the 19 tray treatment plan. On the atteched pictures I can only see that the trays are taking my teeth to the wrong direction. My teeth are seem to be doing what the trays were designed for. Is this treatment plan correct?

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Chewing difficulty after Invisalign

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hi, it is difficult to assess the bite based on the photos given here. Even though the trays look fine, the teeth could be slightly off the bite. In that case, they might need a bit of refinement to be brought back in bite. I would suggest you to see your Invisalign provider to do some post treatment photos and discuss it. 

Teeth don't fit after Invisalign

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Hi there,

Because your jaw muscles acclimate to holding your teeth apart due to the thickness of the two trays, it can take a bit for the muscles to relax and allow your teeth to come together properly. That being said, I would discuss your concerns with your treating dentist to be sure you don't need either Invisalign refinements, or adjustments to the teeth.

Best of luck!

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