Can I switch my Invisalign every 3 days instead of every 7?

My orthodontist recommend 7 days but I've switched them in as little as 4-5 days in the past and there was no down side and my teeth are perfectly fine? So is it okay to switch my Invisalign every 3 days?

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Not proper wear time

The success of Invisalign is proper planning and proper usage.  3 days is too short to ensure successful movement.

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No. I would not recommend it.

I would not recommend switching any less than 7 days, and this is only if you are doing some kind of accelerated orthodontic treatment. It is important that there is absolutely no tight binding anywhere or you will have problems. The few cases I have treated when something got off-track was due to the patient not wearing the aligners the proper amount of time. Good luck!

Invisalign aligners

Invisalign aligners are meant to be used and changed every 14 days. Unless you are using an accelerator, you should not be switching every 7 days and every 3 days is simply too soon! Please confirm with your provider.All the best,

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Invisalign-when to change trays

Hi there,It is recommended that Invisalign trays be switched every 2 weeks. If you are changing them every 7 days that is not the typical protocol. I would recommend against switching trays every 4-5 days, your teeth will not be able to move appropriately in that amount of time. You should also discuss this with your treating dentist.
Good luck!

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